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    - Please refer to our Further Duke of Ed Info Fact Sheet on Journey Logs/Reports for more detail.

    - Please complete all the below fields accurately before submitting.

    - Reports must be in PDF format and under 2MB to to be accepted. If they are too large the form will load for a long time, the fields will reset and your report will not have gone through.

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    - If your submission is successful you will be redirected to a confirmation screen and also sent a confirmation email (if it does not work it may be because your file is too large or you have entered your email incorrectly).

    - Please take the time to complete the details accurately to ensure an efficient sign-off process.

    - In peak times sign-off waiting periods can be up to 2 weeks. If you know your AJ Report has been submitted successfully please do not re-submit as you will only lengthen the waiting time for others. After 2 weeks, or if particularly urgent, please call or email to check with us.

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